• We combine our models with consultative facilitation to stretch thinking
  • Models record the journey and picture the destination to guide implementation

Our years of experience on the client side let us see the good, bad and ugly of brand architecture and strategy models and how they really worked (or not) in brand management. So, taking the best of everything we know that works, we developed our own brand architecture and strategy tools. We've written them in pencil though because we know there's not one ideal model that works for everything. And, over the course of the past decade we've continued to improve them.

But tools are only as good as their application. The magic happens when we utilize the tools in conjunction with our consultative facilitation approach. The tools are our way to bring clients through a structured exploration, and capture the choices made in a simple 1-page summary. With team involvement in the exploration and decision-making, the completed framework reminds everyone on the team of the brand and business journey they're on, and the destination they're seeking.