• Is your brand clearly defined and understood within the organization?
  • Do you know how your loyal consumers or customers would describe your brand?
  • Does your brand stand for something unique in the marketplace? Is it clearly and succinctly defined?

Brands are like people. They have distinct personalities. They take a stand and have a set of values that guide them. Brands have to be developed and managed to ensure they stand for something that matters - to the organization and to the categories in which they compete. Like children, brands have inherent potential but need to be nurtured, guided, and protected. It takes consistent parenting to help them stay true to their core yet evolve and grow to their full potential.

The brand architecture is a way to explore and summarize what your brand is about. It's the guidepost that helps to ensure everyone in your organization understands what the brandt stands for, it's "voice" and the way it "shows up" and engages with the marketplace. It helps your organization nourish and protect the brand, strengthening your customers' love for it.