Consultative Facilitation alternates between guiding the conversation and contributing new ideas and thinking to the discussion to create enhanced outcomes

We'll never know your businesses as well as you do. Your team has to be part of the journey, as you ultimately own the result. We are not the consultants you hire to take your research and information and return with the answer. And, we're not the facilitators you hire to organize a team work session and merely capture what the team says on a flip chart and send it to you in a final report.

Instead, we bring our experience and thinking to bear while consulting with you or facilitating team workshops. We're proactive in building the output, alternating between stimulating and facilitating discussion and contributing new ideas and feedback. It's not just the questions we ask, it's the suggestions to consider. It's listening to the team and articulating an option for the team to discuss and refine. We'll challenge you to find the strongest answer, not just the fastest or easiest one. We don't just capture your team's thinking, we push to advance it.