Customer strategy starts by
answering four questions:

  • Who are your most desirable customers?
  • What motivates your most valuable segments?
  • How well do your products meet the segment's current and future wants and needs?
  • Can you profitably serve those segments?

It is likely that you experience the 70/30 rule ... a relatively small percentage (~30%) of your customers account for a disproportionately large (~70%) portion of your profitability. It is also likely that some of your customers are actually profit-dilutive. Astrion Partners can help define and structure your approach to this dilemma with our Customer/Consumer strategy process.

We start with the basics - a deep understanding of your customers' wants & needs and your capabilities to deliver against them. Our process has 4 basic components:

  • Customer segmentation: needs-based vs. a profitability lens
    (including why you need both)
  • Value proposition identification, creation & communication
  • Execution, tracking & reporting
  • Refinement

We work as coaches to guide you through a process, using tools & techniques from multiple sources and our experience to ensure it will meet the needs of your organization.

One of the biggest positives that clients experience from building a solid Customer strategy is a more intimate and personal understanding of their customers. This intimacy, when shared across the organization, can become a powerful force for sustainable competitive differentiation.