• Are you positioned for competitive advantage in the marketplace?
  • Can you anticipate where your competitor is likely to move?

War-gaming helps identify likely competitive actions and responses, informing the team's development of strategic alternatives to win.

Our approach to War Gaming and Competitive Strategy is straightforward - get business teams thinking like the competition so they can anticipate the likely actions and responses to changing marketplace conditions.

Competitive Strategy & "War Game" Session

Our approach to a War Game/Competitive Strategy session begins with a framework to collect and organize competitive information.

Using the collected competitive intelligence, we plan a 1 - 2 day cross-functional team work session designed to prompt if/then scenario thinking. Using a series of large and small group exercises, we facilitate team discussion to identify potential competitive response/reaction to changing marketplace conditions. This exercise culminates in a client company focused discussion and identification of go-forward strategies to succeed in the real marketplace.