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Michele McKeown


Michele brings over 25 years of experience in marketing strategy, with a focus on business strategy and new products. She began her career in marketing at Procter & Gamble, creating a new paper towel brand, helping relaunch Pampers, creating Pampers Baby Care magazine and introducing Puffs Plus, the first lotioned facial tissue. Moving to Minnetonka/Colgate, she managed the brand differentiation of Softsoap liquid soap, including the introduction of antibacterial soap, and several specialty products. After joining the Pillsbury Company as a new products expert, she introduced Pillsbury Toaster Scrambles, an award-winning new products launch, and initiated the retail launch of Pillsbury frozen baked goods and Toaster Bagels. After the merger with General Mills, she directed the launch of Yoplait Nouriche, the first national yogurt smoothie, and later worked in corporate strategy. In her last corporate position, she led strategy and new initiatives for Capella University, an on-line university.

While at Pillsbury, Michele was selected as a lead trainer and facilitator of a corporate-wide, Diageo brand strategy framework. She was also a lead trainer of the General Mills Brand Champion brand building program, and worked with brand teams to utilize the training to create or strengthen their brand architectures so they could activate their training.

A consultant since 2004, Michele has worked with a wide range of companies across a variety of industries to help shape their business, brand and new products strategies. Partnering with the brand managers, she's helped facilitate development of the brand vision, strategy and positioning for a range of B2C and B2B products and services, determining the best approach to ensure the client's objectives are achieved.  This work includes food products, household care products, personal care products, nutrition drinks, retail, fast food and MBA education for consumers in the U.S. and a few international markets.  On the B2B side, she's worked with the business leaders to guide their strategies, brand architectures and positioning in legal software, retail operating software, online education strategy, industrial cleaning products, shipping & logistics, medical malpractice, professional advocacy association and venture capital. 

Michele has an MBA from Stanford University, graduating in the top 10% of her class. Her summa cum laude BA degree in economics is from Holy Cross College. When not working with clients, she enjoys home improvement projects, perennial gardening, running, swimming, skiing, traveling and reading. She's married with two adult daughters and lives in Rosemount MN.

(o) 651-344-3371

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