Brand Strategies
Growth depends on addressing the consumer health trifecta

During the Covid 19 pandemic, we were all anxious to get back to some type of “normal” and safely reopen for business to get the economy back on track.  While politicians debated the merits of reopening sooner than later, it was important to remember that simply being open doesn’t automatically bring business back.  Rather, business can return only when the full consumer health trifecta is addressed:  physical health, mental/emotional health and fiscal health.  This trifecta impacts consumer choices in normal times, but is even more of a driver during a public health crisis.

Physical health is straight-forward:  do consumers believe their physical health is at risk if they venture out?  Clearly demonstrating practices that minimize the chance of infection is critical.  Mental/emotional health is trickier:  do consumers feel safe and ready to venture out?  This will vary by person, with safety building upon the physical health practices.  But helping consumers address other emotions, like anxiety or feeling trapped, can make your brand worthy of trust.  Fiscal health is both immediate and future:  How secure is my paycheck?  How’s my savings?  Remind consumers how your brand fits in their current fiscal health state as it addresses their physical or emotional needs too.