Sage strategist with boundless curiosity

After getting my MBA from Stanford, I rose through the marketing management ranks before turning to strategic consulting. Serendipitously assigned new product roles, I developed and introduced several $50+MM businesses, most of which remain available today. These include: Puffs Plus and Pampers Baby Care magazine for P&G, Softsoap antibacterial soap for Minnetonka Brands, Toaster Scrambles for Pillsbury and Yoplait Nouriche for General Mills.

As marketing director, I was also a trainer for corporate brand building programs at Pillsbury Company and General Mills. Consulting since 2004, I have had the privilege to help clients develop and strengthen their strategies across a range of B2C and B2B industries, which lets me continue deepening my experience and apply it across industries.

In my experience, the most transformative strategies arise when disparate data and experiences can be applied to a new business or challenge. Building upon my work and consulting experience, I’m always learning and seeking to connect interesting but unrelated information. Above all else, I love thinking about problems, and creating new approaches to solve them. My next project? Giving you a fresh perspective.

Fun facts
  • Exercise Enthusiast: Require at least one walk a day. But why stop there? Sometimes running, swimming, skiing and yoga are added too!
  • Learning Through Stories: Hidden Brain and American Innovations podcasts and historical fiction are guilty pleasures of mine as I love to learn about everything.
  • Ingenious Beliefs: Chocolate is its own food group. Period.
  • Traveling Trend-Setter: My latest passport needed extra pages. For those looking to book your next adventure: Cuba for the culture, New Zealand for the views!