Right brain dominant who enjoys a good spreadsheet

I collected a decade of classic, big agency experience in media, client service and brand strategy development at the Leo Burnett company in Chicago. Following this, I acquired client-side business and brand management experience at The Pillsbury Company and General Mills, Inc. while managing a range of businesses. Some highlights from my marketing director chapter include: leading the development of the global Pillsbury brand strategy and award-winning, business building advertising campaign; being selected as a lead trainer for the corporate-wide Diageo PLC brand-building program; serving as an early advisor to the General Mills’ Champion Brand Building program; and—according to my children—learning how to bake the best chocolate chip cookies.

In 2002, I founded Astrion Partners and have been privileged to work with a range of B2B and B2C clients on projects. I was also hired as a retained consultant to guide the development of business and brand strategies.

Though there are many things I love about my job, chief among them is helping clients figure out how to move from “where they are” to “where they want to be” by identifying strategies that will help them get there. As a strategy consultant, I can fuel my passion for learning while continuing to grow. And best of all, it makes me a great party conversationalist.

Fast facts
  • Outdoor-play devotee: I’m an avid golfer and downhill skier (striving for both a single-digit index and mogul mastery.) And, bonus: my 40+ years of volunteer service with the National Ski Patrol made me quite useful during my kids’ competitive athlete-days.
  • Aspiring anthropologist: Conversations that bring forth insights & enlightenment excite me, and I have been labeled an “empath” by friends and family.
  • Avid problem-solver: There is no better feeling than finishing a good Sudoku, working through an unexpected challenge, or wrapping an oddly shaped gift. Finding a solution feels great!
  • Desired Epitaph: “She left things better than she found them.”