Positioning & Messaging Strategies
Anchoring Your Brand’s Mind Place

When exploring positioning options, it often helps if you anchor your brand benefit to something with which your target audience is already familiar.  Whether that’s a familiar product or service they’re already using, a complementary product or a perfect occasion, anchoring your positioning helps consumers quickly see how your brand can fit into their lives.

Method brand soaps work like regular soaps but in an environmentally better (and prettier) way.  Pillsbury bread sticks pair perfectly with spaghetti.  Taco Tuesday at Taco Bell eliminates one “what’s for dinner” decision.  Each of these examples was anchored to something easily and quickly understood by consumers, and identified a place for the brand in their lives.

As you explore positioning options, consider how your brand is superior to a competing brand, or how your brand improves or complements what customers are already doing or buying.  Attaching your anchor to something familiar creates a direct line to your customers’ mind place.