Positioning & Messaging Strategies
New Tricks for an Old Dog

So many established brands are finding themselves being disrupted by upstart competitors.  Yet, there are still advantages for older brands, especially if they’re willing to consider their brand’s benefits through a new lens.

For example,  ADP Home Security has an ad that speaks to all the advantages of their long tenure: they’ve saved more lives and handled more burglary events than any other security company.  They founded the home security industry, and have 20K employees experienced in keeping customers safe.  While the list of proof-point claims runs a bit long, it does all add up to their positioning headline:  “Nobody has more experience helping keep it safe than ADT”.  And since safety and security are the primary drivers for purchasing a home security system, they can better own the core category security benefit with the confidence experience delivers.

If you have an established brand, what advantages does your experience give you versus competitors?  What do you do better than upstarts?  What are the weaknesses of upstarts you can counter?  While your traditional positioning strategy may no longer motivate, mine your history and brand proposition for a fresh approach to positioning your brand.