Positioning & Messaging Strategies
Does Your Brand Have Positioning CREDS?

Positioning your brand is about focus and choice, crafting a distinct benefit your target audience will be motivated to act upon.  With most brands, the target audience has lots of choices, and often sees products as similar.  Positioning can help your audience understand how your brand is better, and give them a reason to choose your brand over the alternatives.

At Astrion Partners, we use a framework we call CREDStm for assessing positioning:

  • Credible: is the benefit promised something we can credibly deliver?
  • Relevant: is the benefit relevant to the chosen target audience?
  • Enticing: is the benefit appealing to the target and motivate them to act?
  • Distinctive: is the benefit distinct vs competitors, or framed in a unique way?
  • Single-minded: is there just ONE benefit, not a list?

Step back and consider how you’re positioning your brand with your target audience.  Does it have CREDS, or is it time to explore new positioning options?