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Removing the decision-making speed bumps

Over the last several months, we’ve seen many companies rapidly pivoting their business to simultaneously respond to a loss of business and seize new opportunities to address Covid needs.  Whether it’s breweries making hand sanitizer, startups creating exposure trackers, retailers’ creating contactless pickup or pharmaceutical companies developing and testing vaccines, companies seem to be moving faster than ever.

The speed of change is remarkable, especially for larger companies.  So what’s changed?  Covid’s health and economic impact demands action, so everyone seems willing to suspend rules and remove speed bumps to get stuff done.  The key question leaders should keep asking themselves is what other speed bumps are getting in the way of making better or faster decisions in non-Covid arenas?  Whether it’s multiple demands for more data, or requiring too many people to make a decision, businesses often have defacto speed bumps that unnecessarily slow decision-making.  Where can you streamline your organization’s processes to move faster and smarter?