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Trust-worthy leadership means WE not ME
April 27, 2020

As companies scramble to figure out how to manage their business during this pandemic, communication with all stakeholders, including customers, is critical.  Based on emails we’re getting from a range of companies, the difference between people with a leadership title and true leadership is clear.

A notable example of true leadership is Ed Bastian of Delta Airlines.  His nicely-paced customer emails provide a straight-forward update on what’s happening to flights, what they’re doing to keep customers and employees safe and to support employees and communities, and providing inspiration that someday things will be better and Delta will be there for you.  Getting the right balance of facts, showing care for others and remaining realistically optimistic about the future is a delicate balancing act that Delta seems to have gotten right.  Even their updated motto reflects this: “Keep climbing together”.

Contrast this with too many other company C-level email updates that are all about their company and the fact that they can still do their usual work for you.  Especially in times like these, only leadership that’s about others and the “we” earns trust and loyalty.